g r e e t i n g s~

flaneur (n) | the urban explorer, connoisseur of the street, the passionate wanderer

this site is as much of a documentation of my wanderings/wonderings as a way for me to find some method in the madness of my thoughts and experiences, & hopefully spark creativity or inspire others to travel 

apologies in advance though for the erratic-ness of this website, just a human tryna figure things out namsayin'... 

w o r d s
writing has always helped to soothe whatever situation I'm in but sometimes the words don't come easily and that inability to articulate becomes too frustrating, or the words flow at random times... as a case in point, it's 2am and I had planned to sleep an hour ago yet here I am struck with this inescapable urge to write because if I don't record it then I'll most definitely lose it... alas my love-hate relationship with words is a strong one.


i m a g e s
I'm very often lost in my own thoughts, and being so absorbed makes me a little oblivious to the outside world - photography is a way for me to interact more with as well as increase awareness of my surroundings.

I admit that as much as I love photography, I don't take nearly as many photos as I would like and that's partially because of laziness, partially because I really dislike carrying things around (lol), & partially because the pressure I give myself to shoot aesthetically pleasing and quality images paralyzes me into not shooting anything at all... therefore, the creation of this site to give myself that extra push.

since I'm going away to Canterbury, England for fall quarter, I'm welcoming the change in scenery & environment as a convenient catalyst for this self-project that will hopefully extend beyond my trip abroad!

anyways if you've read this far, thank you & I hope that somewhere along the way this website/my journey will inspire you in some way

tl;dr - I'm studying abroad for fall quarter so check here for cool pics and ramblings I write to go along w/ them TYSM

have courage & stay curious my friends//